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Japanese lessons in Exeter or on Skype
Kon'nichiwa! Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Narumi. I offer personalised lesson plans to allow my students to reach their goal, whether it be learning basic Japanese grammar or studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Everyone is different and has different interests and needs, so I change my lesson style and lesson materials to suit each student.

What area would you like to improve?
What is your purpose of studying Japanese?
Singing Karaoke
Any other things
Feel free to discuss any requests with me.

Classes and Lessons
Individual Private Lessons
The lessons are all yours so you can study at your own pace. Skype lessons are also available.

Private Group Lessons
If you would feel more comfortable studying Japanese with your friends or family, I can provide private group lessons.

Origami (paper folding) Class
Origami is good fun. Anyone can enjoy paper folding, from children to adults.

Activity Class
For example, we go shopping together and I can teach you the necessary Japanese phrases. You can learn Japanese through activities.

Chatting Class
This is for those who have already learnt some Japanese and would like to gain more confidence in speaking and listening.

My students in England
Pursuing current interests
He loves Kanji, so we practise a lot of them. He also likes writing about current events and other interests. He brings me what he has written and I correct it. We then have conversation practice by talking about these things.

Aiming for the JLPT exam
He is studying Japanese before going to work in Japan this year. When he went to Japan before, he could not make himself understood in Japanese, so he wanted to work on his pronunciation and fluency. For the first few months, we concentrated on conversation practice, using the casual forms. He is now trying to pass the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), so we do lots of grammar as well as having short talks.

A love of Japanese culture
She loves Japanese anime, manga and doing cosplay. She wants to talk to Japanese people in Japanese when she goes to cosplay festivals and to visit Japan one day. She gave me some phrases that she wanted to learn, so I made lesson materials to include them as well as some important grammar. We also talk about Japanese culture, people, food, interesting places, and so on.

Aiming for GCSE in Japanese
She wants to pass GCSE in Japanese but her school does not have a Japanese class, so she now studies with me. In addition she needs to study at home, so I make online lesson materials to help her.

Planning improved a trip to Japan
She studied with me before her trip to Japan. She wanted to learn how to ask directions, how to order a meal, buy food, and so on. She wanted to concentrate on vocabulary rather than grammar, so we concentrated on a few essential phrases and lots of vocabulary.

A trip to Japan and more
He first came to me because he is soon going to Japan for two weeks and does not want to feel lost there. So I teach him phrases and give him information about Japan. For example, he is interested in Studio Ghibli and wondered where the name came from. So I found the answer for him. Combining the fact that he is keen to read Hiragana and to visit the Studio Ghibli museum he wanted to have a Hiragana-only map. There was none available so I made one for him.

Having a long-term study plan
He would like to study in Japan for a year when he is in the third year at university. He decided that he should be able to read, write and speak Japanese to make the most of the year. Starting from little knowledge, he now can read Hiragana and Katakana and I have started to introduce some Kanji as well.

Inspired by Studio Ghibli
She became interested in Japan when she saw the Studio Ghibli film "Spirited Away" ("Sen to Chihiro no kami-kakushi"). This increased her interest and she decided to learn Japanese. She is going to study Japanese at a university in the UK and then go to Japan for a year in her third year. She is also interested in taking part in the JET programme (The Japan Exchange and Teaching program) after she graduates. I am always amazed at her strong determination and am very pleased to see how her Japanese is improving.

My former students in Japan
From England
He was a manager of English and French language schools in Osaka. He passed JLPT (Japannese Language Proficiency Test) Level 2 and was trying to pass JLPT Level 1 but found it difficult to study on his own. He had tried studying at a Japanese school but without success. We used a textbook, which he chose, and I produced some other materials which he found useful. Occasionally, I made mini-tests to motivate him.

From France
He was a magician and wanted to show his tricks in Japanese. Also he had a Japanese girlfriend who had a son. He was communicating with her in English and could not communicate with her son, so he decided to learn Japanese. I taught him formal Japanese for his tricks and casual expressions that would help him make friends with her son.

From England
He was an English teacher who was studying to become a doctor. He did not want to use a textbook, so he wrote some dialogues in English and I translated them into Japanese. We practiced having conversations using the dialogues. I also produced some other materials for him.

From the USA
He was an English teacher. He had been in Japan for five years but could not speak Japanese at all. He was starting to feel embarrassed. Although he decided to learn Japanese, he did not know where to start. He did not feel comfortable in a group, so we had one-to-one lessons. He started to show interest in proverbs and idioms, so we focused on that. He said that proverbs often helped to break the ice.

From Australia
He was an English teacher who was also a maths teacher in Australia. Although he was enjoying staying in Japan, he was using English all the time and starting to wonder what he had achieved there. He suddenly felt that he had to learn Japanese before going back to Australia and started to talk to Japanese people in his local pub but realized that he did not even know how to introduce himself in Japanese. He also wanted to talk to Japanese people when traveling around, so I produced some other materials to cover those situations.

From the Philippines
I had some 3-week-intensive classes for Fillipinos who wanted to work in Japan. I taught them how to speak to their superiors and how to use casual forms to their colleagues.

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