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My purpose is to make user-friendly computer-based studying tools to motivate children or people to study. They will also help you study efficiently and effectively. My computerised studying tools work on Microsoft Access or Flash.

Everyone studies in their own way, so it is a good idea to personalise your own studying tool. I can design a studying tool that adapts to your needs rather than you having to learn to use an unsuitable tool.

If you are struggling to motivate yourself to study or if your child easily gets distracted while studying, we can discuss it so as to make a fun studying tool, such as a game-based one.

Example 1: Language
If you are learning a language (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, etc), remembering words is essential. I have designed tools that optimise your ability to learn and remember new vocabulary. Having a large vocabulary is the first step to becoming fluent in a new language. Click here for more details.

Example 2: Arithmetic
Children who are good at calculation tend to like arithmetic and maths and become good at them. I can design tools to improve their calculation ability. Click here for more details.

3 steps to get a tool

If you already have an ideal tool in mind, I will make it for you to test. If not, you can try my basic tool that contains simple functions. If you like it as it is, you can purchase it and start learning straight away.
If you need more advanced tools, simply tell me what extra functions you require. Changes to the design or words are also welcome.
If the tool is suitable, please purchase it.

*** I can explain the functions and will respond to your enquries via email or in person.
*** You can come to my place to test the tool if you wish.
*** I can also send you a trial file which you can use for a limited time.

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