japanese lesson in Exeter and onlinejapanese lesson in Exeter and online

Teaching experience
  2010 - present: Teaching Japanese in Exeter and online
Making study materials (Click here for more details)
  2006 - 2009: Teaching Japanese at a language school in Osaka, Japan
  2001 - 2002: Tutoring English and Maths in Tottori, Japan
  1996 - 1998: Private tutoring in English and Maths at an evening class in Tottori, Japan

Computer skills:
 - Microsoft Excel
 - Microsoft Word
 - Microsoft Access
 - Microsoft Power Point
 - Visual Basic for Applications
 - PHP
 - MySQL
 - Adobe Photoshop
 - Adobe Illustrator
 - Adobe Flash

Travel experience:
 - Perth, Australia for six months
 - Auckland, New Zealand for six months
 - Canada (trip)
 - Italy (trip)
 - Spain (trip)
 - Malta (trip)
 - Bali (family trip)
 - Malaysia (family trip)
 - New Caledonia (family trip)
 - Hawaii (family trip)

 - Tennis
 - Badminton
 - Snooker
 - Computing
 - Walking my dog in the forest
 - Jogging
 - Swimming
 - Watching movies
 - Reading books including manga
 - Drawing for fun

My other web pages:
Japanese Hints and Tips
I put some basic Hints and Tips.
Topics in Japanese
Word games, children's stories, etc. that I am irregularly updating.
JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
I am working on webpages for N4 and N5.
GCSE Japanese
Verbs, adjectives, nouns, kanji, etc.
Self-study tools
I make personalized studying tools with Flash.

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