japanese lesson in Exeter and onlinejapanese lesson in Exeter and online

Private lessons (face-to-face or on Skype): £20 per hour

Group of two: £25 (£12.5 per person per hour)

Group of three: £30 (£10 per person per hour)

£5 (* basic contents) for one item of online self-studying material (** option) You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or through PayPal.

The tuition must be paid in advance when you make an appointment.

Please note that once you have booked and paid for your lesson, I am unable to refund the money. Therefore, you should come to lessons that you have paid for.

You can reschedule lessons but I require 24 hours' notice to do so. I regret that without 24 hours' notice, I am unable to reschedule your lesson.

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