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1. Place + に ni
2. Place + で de
3. Place + を o
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1. Place + に ni
Image: Someone or something is attached or attracted to a place.
*** Imagine that a place is a magnet.

In that magnet place, no action is taking place.
Usually, only one verb goes with one に ni. Compare with で de.

place + に ni + ある aru
place + に ni + いる iru

place + に ni + おく oku (= place, put)
place + に ni + すわる suwaru (= sit down)
place + に ni + とめる tomeru (= park)
place + に ni + とまる tomaru (= stay)
place + に ni + つける tsukeru (= put, attach)
place + に ni + はる haru (= paste)
place + に ni + かく kaku (= write, draw)
place + に ni + つとめる tsutomeru (= be employed)

Movement from one place to another:
place + に ni + いく iku (= go)
place + に ni + かえる kaeru (= return)
place + に ni + うごかす ugokasu (= move)
place + に ni + はこぶ hakobu (= carry)
place + に ni + はいる hairu (= enter)
place + に ni + いれる ireru (= insert)
place + に ni + しまう shimau (= put away)
place + に ni + のる noru (= get on, get in)
漢字 ひらがな/カタカナ Romaji

There is an apple on the plate.

My mother is in Japan.

Please put your hands on your head.

Please do not park your car here.

Please move this desk over there.

I went to the USA last year.
2. Place + で de
Image: Dot

place + で de + action verbs
Some action/event/happening takes place in that place.

Unlike に ni, more than one verbs can go with one で de, using "たり tari" and so on.
漢字 ひらがな/カタカナ Romaji

I bought a manga in Japan.

I ate Fish and Chips, drank tea and so on in England.

Please do not take a picture here.

The Olympic games were held in London.

Please do not dance on the table.
3. Place + を o
Image: A bigger picture

place seen as a whole + を o + verbs that mean to travel, such as walk and run.

place seen as a whole + を o + はしる hashiru (= run)
place seen as a whole + を o + あるく aruku (= walk)
place seen as a whole + を o + たびする tabisuru (= travel)
place seen as a whole + を o + とぶ tobu (= fly)
place seen as a whole + を o + およぐ oyogu (= swim)
place seen as a whole + を o + とおる tooru (= pass)
place seen as a whole + を o + わたる wataru (= cross)
place seen as a whole + を o + ころがる korogaru (= roll)
place seen as a whole + を o + まわる mawaru (= go around)

Image: Leaving a place
place + を o + でる deru (= leave)
place + を o + さる saru (= leave)
place + を o + しゅっぱつする shuppatsu suru (= leave, depart)
漢字 ひらがな/カタカナ Romaji

I run in the park everyday.

A bird is flying in the sky.

Please walk on the pavement.

I leave home at 8 every morning.
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